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Friday, October 30, 2009

What God did this week!!

Wow it's already Friday!! God did put me back on track with discipling my daughter. It's hard but the rod will soften her heart (not now but later). I felt like a Jonah running away from my parent duty to her. 

Then my friend received tragic news that her niece has cancer and is 39 years old and NOT a believer!! I talked with my friend yesterday and her niece became a BELIEVER!! Praise God through whom all things flow!!

Funny thing yesterday was!! I was suppose to fill my day with seeing two friends. Oh well! God knew that I had to get my orders done and I did just that! Got them done then my friend called and I went to see her and drop off my bags in her store. Then my other friend called and I couldn't go to see her. Bummer!! Then last night I receive an email about one of my Breast Cancer rag bags. The call ended up with 2 orders! Awesome! Thanks Lord! All good and bad things are from YOU! But You get me through them all!! You are in total control!

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